How To Tie Down a Motorcycle On a Trailer

How To Tie Down a Motorcycle On a Trailer

If you’re a biker looking to transport your bike long distances or it needs to go for repairs, a trailer is a great choice. With summer just around the corner, more and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads and knowing how to properly tie down your bike on a trailer is key for safe transport. If you’re not used to tying down vehicles or unsure about what to use, it can lead to accidents to yourself, others and damage to the bike itself. To help avoid this, we’ve created a handy guide to tying down your motorcycle to a trailer with ratchet straps.

Before doing anything, you need to ensure that the trailer you are using is suitable for the weight of your bike and that the straps you are using are in good condition. Loading and unloading a motorcycle is really a two-man job, so try and enlist the help of a friend to make things easier.

The bike should be guided on to the trailer via a ramp and the bike should be in neutral with the front brake covered at all times. Once it is on the trailer, deploy the side stand and get your ratchet straps ready.

How to secure a motorcycle with ratchet straps

Step One: We recommend using our Motorcycle Recovery Strap system when securing a bike. The soft loops are designed to fit over handlebars whilst the fleece protection sleeve helps prevent damage to the fuel tank. The connecting strap runs over the top yoke and from here, straps run to the trailer floor to the tie-down points on the trailer floor.

Step Two: Once the front straps are secure, it’s time to look at the rear of the bike. For this, we recommend using motorcycle recovery straps that can be fitted around the rear footpegs, swingarms or frame. Another longer strap can be added over the bike sandal, however, it’s advised to use a rag or cloth in between the seat and the strap to avoid any damage.

Step Three: Once the straps are in place, it’s time to start to ratchet them to secure the bike to the trailer. Remove the side stand before starting this process and compress the front suspension down to ensure the bike wheel does not move around. We recommend one person pushes down the front of the bike while the other does the actual ratcheting to tighten the straps.

Top Tip: Check out our blog on how to use ratchet straps to make sure you’re ratcheting properly!

Step Four: Once the straps are tightened, tie any strap excess out of the way so it does not impact transport. When you’re on the move, periodically check the bike to make sure it does not tip over on an angle.

For more quality transport options, take a look at our full range of vehicle recovery straps today. If you have any questions about how to tie down your motorcycle, get in touch with a member of the Nationwide Trailer Parts team today.