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Reflective Tape & Marker Boards

Are you ECE 104 compliant?

Legislation now requires the mandatory fitting of reflective strips for vehicles and marking tapes compliant to ECE 104 on new registered trucks (>7.5t GVW) and trailers (>3.5t GVW).

Here is what you need to know:

To the rear: Here a full contour marking is required, i.e. a full 'box'. This can be either in red or alternatively yellow

To the sides: Here you can choose to do either a full contour ('box') marking, or a line marking of the length of the vehicle plus marking of the upper corners if the design of the vehicles allows for this (Partial contour). It is a good idea to mark also the tractor (e.g. on the door) to visually get a marking of the full length of the vehicles, however this is not an obligation.

Minimum 80% of the length of the vehicle (excl. the length of the cabin) must be marked.

The lower line of the marking tape must be placed a minimum of 25cm from the ground and in a height of maximum 150cm. This can in special cases be extended to 250cm.

The length of the upper corner markings must be minimum 25cm. Upper corner markings should be applied as high as practical, but within 400 mm of the upper extremity of the vehicle. In cases where a top corner marking is not possible due to the construction of the vehicle, a line marking on its own is allowed.

Reflexite VC 104+ range of products includes tape for Rigid, Curtain Siders and Tankers. Below is our range of reflective strips for vehicles, HGV reflective tape and conspicuity tape for trailers. 

Reflective Tape & Marker Boards

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Rear Marker Plates (pair) 566 x 132mm
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Product No.   NTP-0259
Rear Marker Plates (pair) 565 x 195mm
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Product No.   NTP-0520
ADR Hazchem Plate
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0274
ADR Hazchem Boards (horizontal folding)
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0261
Red Conspicuity Tape (Rigid Grade) - 50 Metre Roll
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0276
Yellow Conspicuity Tape (Rigid Vehicle Grade) - 50 Metre Roll
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0275
White Conspicuity Tape (Rigid Vehicle Grade) - 50 Metre Roll
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0275W
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Type 5 Long Vehicle Marker Plates (pair) 525 x 250mm
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0522
Type 4 Long Vehicle Marker Plate (single) 1265 x 225mm
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0521
ADR Hazchem Plate Holder
£17.99 £20.99
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0316
Oversize Load Board
(ex VAT)
Product No.   NTP-0317