Collection: TILA Continuous Hinges

The Function:

TILA Hinges are a specially moulded plastic profile made from a special POLYURETHANE elastomer with permanent elasticity and high tear resistance. Opening angles of more than 180° or 270° are achieved depending upon the profile design. Continuous stress when in the open position requires the use of a holding mechanism to keep the hinge open, e.g. in the case of doors - a Door retainer.


  • Suitable for doors, tailgates, covers and flaps
  • Only minimal external protrusion. A contribution towards road safety since the risk of injury caused by dangerous, protruding fittings, is eliminated
  • Hinge and seal all-in-one - along the entire length
  • Absolute precision - when in the closed position the two aluminium profiles interlock together. They can only be dismantled when the door, tailgate, cover are open. Forced entry can only be made by cutting the plastic profile, leaving behind visible evidence
  • Virtually no wear
  • Totally maintenance-free - has been in practical use for more than two decades, primarily in the bodywork and vehicle area, tried and tested
  • Supplied ready-assembled in standard lengths

Potential Uses:

Can be fitted to doors, tailgates, lids of all kind, as single element or as an add-on unit (for so-called folding or concertina designs), in bodywork and vehicle construction, for boot and van fixings, sales vehicles and buses etc. For use wherever flaps, lids and doors are required.

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