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Digi-View™ utilises the latest, interference free, digital wireless (DW) technology and can be employed as a reversing camera system. The colour LCD monitor can be used with up to 4 waterproof, wide angle lens, cameras. Digi-View™ gives you the peace of mind, security and confidence that your load and trailer/vehicle are safe in transit and/or when reversing, without complicated installation.

DW systems are typically used in vehicle applications (12V or 24V) whether rigid body or curtain side trailer. Easy installation in as little as 10 minutes, as Digi-View™ requires only the camera mounting to the vehicle and connection to the the vehicle/trailer electrical system.The monitor is mounted using the included windscreen/dashboard mount and is powered from the vehicle cigarette lighter.

The monitor can be used with multiple cameras (i.e. a camera to monitor the load, a camera for reversing and even a 3rd/4th camera** for that awkward to see area). Being digital means you get a crystal clear, interference free image wherever you are.

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