Collection: Fall Protection Straps

We sell fall protection / fall arrest straps in a variety of lengths to suit a range of vehicle/trailers. 

Our straps are manufactured in the UK with 50mm bright yellow webbing clearly printed with 'FALL PROTECTION ONLY' at repeated intervals.

Twisted snap hooks are fitted at both ends and the straps are tensioned with a ratchet buckle.

Listed below are also a range of ring fittings that can be fitted to the vehicle that accommodate the snap hooks fitted on the straps.

We sell the straps in 2.4, 3, 5, 8, 10 or 15 metre lengths, but these can be modified down for you to smaller exact lengths to suit your vehicle(s).

When ordering please specify the exact length required in the 'Order Notes' section on the 'Cart' page. THIS MUST BE SMALLER THAN THE LENGTH OF STRAP CHOSEN. If no length is specified the full length ordered will be sent. 

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