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We can supply BOTH genuine and alternative Haco parts for Dautel Tail Lifts. If you need assistance identifying any parts please contact us with the model and serial number of your tail lift.

Haco Tail Lift Parts are the leading wholesaler and supplier in Europe for tail lift parts for the major brands. Over the course of 23 years, the business has built up a huge amount of expertise and experience in tail lift parts and has increasingly specialised in developing alternatives for the more commonly-used parts as well as supplying original parts.

The quality of the products is at least as good as the original and in many cases better, as their practical knowledge of tail lifts, tail lift parts and maintenance has been fully integrated into their product development. The alternative parts are 100% interchangeable with the original parts.

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  • Dautel Style Remote Control & Wanderlead , Tail Lift Control Boxes & Switches - Nationwide Trailer Parts, Nationwide Trailer Parts Ltd
  • Tiltcylinder HACO DLB36

    Tiltcylinder HACO DLB36

    Haco 2 Year Warranty