How to prepare your tail lift for winter

How to prepare your tail lift for winter

As winter once again approaches we thought we’d put a few tips together to prepare your tail lift for the coming months. Taking time to check the following could save you time and money in breakdowns by ensuring your lift will deliver the best performance.

Check Oil

In winter, it’s vital that youInspect the condition of the hydraulic oil. If you find it’s gone milky then water has contaminated it which could lead to costly pump and valve damage. Remove as soon as possible and replace with new making sure all the old is flushed out of the system. Always check the oil level with the lift on the ground, this way all the oil is out of the ram(s) and back in the tank.

Check Electrics

Check for corrosion on cables/ crimps/plugs in the power pack, control boxes and junction boxes. Cut back and replace where possible and spray a suitable electrical spray such as WD-40 to protect against moisture. Don’t forget the fuse at the battery, this is easily overlooked and is the cause of many breakdowns due to corrosion. Also, the earth is just as important, check where this attaches to the chassis or follow it back to the battery if connected there.

Torsion Bars

If your lift is fitted with torsion bars in the platform and you’ve noticed it getting heavier chances are they’re going weak. Plummeting temperatures will weaken the metal further causing them to snap – usually at the most inconvenient time! Replacing them before this happens when the vehicle is stood will save a costly call out to a breakdown company and ensure driver safety.

Flags / Lights & Reflective Tape

Check that all of your tail lift flags and LED lights are in good condition, have no damage/wear and are clean. This will ensure your lift is visible on the dark mornings/nights reducing the chances of an accident.

Check your service history

Finally, check your lift has been serviced / weight tested in the past year and has had a LOLER inspection in the last 6 months. Keeping up to date with these is the best way of keeping your lift legal, safe and reliable.

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