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We stock Flettner rotary ventilators, who are the world leading supplier in rotary ventilators for trucks, lorries, buses, vans and other commercial vehicles, as well as boats and ships.

Inadequate ventilation is a serious hazard.

In most countries employers have a legal obligation (duty of care) towards their employees which requires that all reasonable steps be taken to ensure that employees are not exposed to unnecessary hazards such as fumes, poisonous chemicals or inflammable gases.

Under EU rules the carriage of dangerous goods by road is carefully regulated and failure to comply with the law is a criminal offence.

Combine this with the unpleasant effects of stale air, odours, and condensation all of which create a severely degraded working environment - discomfort or ill-health for employees, the risk of ruining valuable perishable goods and the potential for damaging expensive equipment.

Passive non-powered ventilation devices such as cowls and grilles can only be of limited help, whilst forced air circulation merely redistributes the problem.

The Flettner TCX-2™ and Flettner 2000 ventilators combat these problems in a way that is simple, economical and highly effective.

Both products are available in black or white.

Commercial Body > Rotary Roof Ventilators

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Flettner '2000' Rotary Roof Ventilator
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Flettner TCX-2 Rotary Roof Ventilator
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