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New Website Launches - UK Ratchet Straps.com

New Website Launches - UK Ratchet Straps.com

Nationwide Trailer Parts Limited have launched a new website - www.ukratchetstraps.com, focussing primarily on Ratchet Straps, Webbing Products and related Load Restraint parts.

Whilst we have sold ratchet straps and webbing products for the last nine years, we have seen a growing demand in recent times for high quality, reliable and durable products in this market. This is particularly with the influx of poor quality Chinese imports on the market, many of which are sub standard and do not pass the required safety tests, potentially putting users, businesses and the wider public at risk. This is the reason we have launched our new site to focus on supplying the highest quality products to the UK market and beyond.

The new website offers a very wide range of tie down straps and other webbing products, with free standard UK delivery on all orders over £200 (ex VAT). There are also paid delivery options for premium UK delivery services and also other worldwide shipping options.

Visit the new website - www.ukratchetstraps.com

Ratchet Strap Magnetic Application Aid

Ratchet Strap Magnetic Application Aid

We are now stocking a new, innovative and exciting product that helps drivers and other staff when using ratchet straps.

This product helps prevent the hook of a ratchet strap dropping from the bed of a lorry or trailer, whilst tightening the ratchet on the opposite side.

It attaches to your ratchet straps above the hook using a velcro strap, and the magnets on it then stick to the bed of your lorry or trailer to keep the hook in place while you tighten the ratchet on the opposite side.

This saves time, frustration and reduces the risk of loose straps dragging on the road. It is fully adjustable for all different types of side rail and the magnets have a combined pull of 3.6KG.

It also fits in your pocket making it easily accessible.

‘Hook, Pull up - Click’

Avoid Fines From VOSA Checks of Internal Load Restraints

VOSA are currently undertaking more and more spot checks of the internal loads of curtainsider vehicles, to ensure they are compliant and loads are correctly restrained.

ALL internal loads must be restrained and they advise that you can use internally fitted straps hanging from the rails of a curtain-sided vehicle to secure a combined load and pallet of no more than 400kg in weight.

Loads greater that 400kg should be restrained using one ratchet strap across two pallets from rave to rave of the bed of the vehicle.

Failure to correctly restrain internal loads will result in VOSA issuing a prohibition and fixed penalty of £100 for any load found to be insecure.

Nationwide Trailer Parts can help advise and supply the correct load restraint straps to ensure you are compliant.

All our straps are UK tested and approved. See the following products: